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Advanced Engineering. Superior Technology.

Proven Innovation


Anderson, SC

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Applied The Proper Way

For over 40 years, Proper Group International has been committed to industry leadership and our clients' success. That's The Proper Way.     GET IN TOUCH

Plastic Injection Molding


Proper Polymers manufactures industry leading injection molded plastic components and assemblies...

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Processes & Secondary Operations


Proper Polymers experience in 2-shot molding applications and mold secondary assembly of operations has enabled the company to add value...

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Injection Mold Manufacturing

As an extension of Proper Tooling’s “world class” technical center in Warren, Michigan; we are a full service injection mold manufacturer, servicing the Southeast region of the United States...

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Latest News

May 10, 2011: Proper Group International opens an 11,000 square foot Advance Development Center in Warren...


October 27, 2010Trexel announces strategic partnership with Proper Group International...


August 16, 2010: New global partnership with Krausse Maffei and Proper Group International....